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Diabetes Information and Mitigation Mela
November 14, 2017
Cafe Ethnic, Zaheerabad

DDS which is also founder organisation of Millet Network of India (MINI) has been promoting health and nutrition through a movement led by ecological farmers from across the country. As its small contribution to this global effort, DDS a Diabetes Information and Mitigation Mela at the Café Ethnic premises from 7-30 a.m. till 11 a.m to create more information and more awakening specific to Diabetes......

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Agro-Anthropological Workshop-1

July 21, 2017
DDS Project Office, Pastapur

The workshop intends to enable the scientists to understand the wisdom and the practice of seed keeping and soil fertility management at the community level, based on which the scientists will interpret the cultural practices associated with farming in terms of modern science. This will be systematically documented and used for producing a policy brief constituting both farmers science and formal science. ....

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SAGE & DDS's objection for
IIMR Research on GM Sorghum
May 26, 2017
Press Club, Somajiguda

Expressing its 'shock' at the development of transgenic sorghum [jowar] by the Indian Institute of Millet Research of Hyderabad, the Southern Action on Genetic Engineering has demanded a firm and unequivalent stand against GM sorghum by the Government of India and asked the government to clearly say that it will not approve GM sorghum.".....

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DDS Response to Chief Minister
on "Free Fertilizer Scheme"
April 25, 2017
Press Club, Somajiguda

"We urge the Chief Minister to kindly move forward from this position and declare an enhanced support for those farmers who tend to their soils organically. Because they are truly realizing the concept of Golden Telangana by keeping the soil of this land fertile for future generation. Therefore we request that atleast 25% of the support declared should reach non chemical farmers.".....

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Be Bold for Change
International Women's Day
March 8, 2017

The women of the Deccan Development Society celebrated the International Women's Day by remembering some of the pioneering women from the Deccan who by being bold brought changeto their lives and to their communities while it also resonated with this year's theme - Being Bold for Change. More than 200 women from the local communities took a long rally from Zaheerabad town to the Pastapur village where a meeting was organised to discuss the essence of the day and the role of the women. ......

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Farm to Kitchen
Organic Lovers in Hyderabad and Zaheerabad, this is for you!

Sangham Organics is bringing to your homes the organic, traditional, seasonal and nutritional vegetables and greens fresh from farms and directly from farmers at very reasonable prices. Zaheerabad consumers can register by calling us at 9959294409 and avail the home delivery on every Tuesday and Friday. Hyderabad Consumers can register at Disha Science Centre, Hyderabad, Tellapur or by calling on 9703169553
Note: Home delivery services available only in and around Tellapur, BHEL, Chandanagar, HCU,L&T areasf........

Mobile Biodiversity Festival-2017
January 14 - February 13, 2017
Sangareddy District, Telangana

DDS celebrated the 18th Mobile Biodiversity Festival which was inaugurated at Lachunaik Tanda in Zaheerabad mandal on January 14, 2017. While this world famous festival flagged off witnessing participation of more than 300 women farmers during the inaugural ceremony, more than 15 thousand farmers participated in the month long festival which concluded with full vibrancy on February 13 2017......

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DDS - Disha Sangham Organics
Near Tellpur, Hyderabad
October 2, 2016

DDS - Disha Organic Alliance was inaugurated on October 2 2016 as an attempt to bring together the women of DDS (who have been cultivating the nutritious grains such as millets and supplying them to the urban consumers) and the women of Disha (who have been practicing and promoting healthy lifestyle in the cities. The women together will start to run the Sangham Organics outlet near Tellpur -Bhel area in the city from October 2016......

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June, 2016

The DDS Organic Manure Centers are an effort of nearly 500 women farmers spread over 30 plus villages in the four mandals of Zaheerabad region of the Medak district. None of these farmers as described above has a holding of more than two acres. 95% of their farms are unirrigated and do not have any kind of water source. Their soils are red, gravelly and shallow representing the 'poorest' soils in the semi arid region of the Medak district. In spite of these ecological handicaps the women, over the decades, have shown great strength and resilience in designing and defending a fascinating knowledge based agriculture that symbolises biodiversity, ecological richness and power of the small. A combination of all these factors has made their agriculture the most climate smart 'sovereign' agriculture of the poor.........

Celebrating Organic Vegetables
The Launch of Organic Zaheerabad
April 7, 2016

In the light of increasing dangers of chemically grown vegetables and fruits that cause severe damage to health of people and environment, the exploitation of consumers by commercial market forces and the age old exploitation of farmers through middle men mechanism, DDS Sangham Organics, farmers led market launched Organic Zaheerabad with a vision to protect our health and envirionment and to support organic traditional farmers in Zaheerabad region. This initiative is believed to promote the nutritional diversity and a fair market price that the consumers have been deprived of........

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Organic Products for Sale

The following organic products are available for sale at DDS Sangam Shop at Zaheerabad. The produce is from the fields and farms of the members of the DDS women sanghams all of who are invariably ecological farmers.

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