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Vermicomposting Report under EZE
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The objective of this programme is both the enable women's groups to become eco-enterpreneurs as well as bridging the gaps in the availability of the bio fertilisers for use in the farmlands of the sangham members. We have found that vermicomposting can be a wonderful option which can meet both these objectives very successfully. A simultaneous objective is to demystify vermicomposting which is always billed as a highly technical venture. We have been able to prove that non literate rural women, using both exotic and local earthworms can produce vermicompost as efficiently as any high profile enterprise. By decentralising and making it available at the local levels, its accessibility has also been increased enormously.

DDS sangham women have started backyard vermicomposting units in the villages. So far 108 members have been given support by way of providing them financial help to the tune of Rs.91,402/- in 42 villages. Within the last one year they have been able to produce 240 quintals of vermicompost. This quantity of vermicompost can fertilise about 25 acres all by itself and about 125 acres in conjunction with farmyard manure. If sold in the market this can earn about Rs.72,000. This means that within six months of the start the project has earned 76% of the investment or in other words the rate of return on the project is almost 120% per year. As the vermicompost has the property to grow exponentially, the ultimate returns can be as high as 500%.

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Therefore by starting a backyard vermicompost the project has hit upon three major goals

  • Ecological recycling of all wastes
  • Production of much needed biofertilisers
  • Providing an ecological income earning alternative to its members

In addition, they have also been given earthworms from our demo farm at Machnoor village and necessary academic support by giving them required training in small spells.

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