Pesticides do not decipher caste, gender or nationality. They will kill anybody irrespective of his or her origins.



Is it possible for community video and radio to play this role?



Tsunami Relief Support

As a result of Tsunami disaster thousands of people have lost their lives and incalculable amount of property loss has occurred. Deccan Development Society (DDS) has taken initiative to come to the rescue of those effected people in Tamilnadu State by donating a sum of Rs. 1 Lakh in cash and relief material in the shape of cloths and food grains worth Rs. 2 lakhs.

The women Sangams of DDS have donated Rs. 32,000/- out of this one lakh. The share of DDS staff has amounted to Rs. 30,000/-. DDS Karyakartas and others from Zaheerabad and Pastapur have donated to the extent of Rs. 13,000/-. DDS Organisation on its own has donated Rs. 25,000/- and the total is worked out as Rs. 1 Lakh.

Apart from cash, the material consisting of Sarees, Shirts, t-shirts, Children wear and bedsheets worth Rs. 2 lakhs are collected.

The money and material is sent on 1st January, 2005 to most devastated districts of Nagapattanam and Nagarcoil districts in Tamilnadu State.