We celebrated the17th Annual Mobile Biodiversity Festival from January 14th 2016 till Februarey 13th 2016. This was an occasion not only for the DDS communities to celebrate their amazing agrobiodiversity but also create a space for scientists, policy makers, environmental and social activists to articulate their views on biodiversity per se, its science and social implications and the way forward to address all these issues for a biodiverse future for this country.

We present below a series of the observations made in the Festival both as texts and video clips.

Mr Biraj Patnaik, Principal Adviser to the Supreme Court Food Commissioners, New Delhi
The battle to reclaim the idea of millets is similar to the battle to reclaim the idea of diversity, democracy and India itself” expressed Mr Patnaik. Appreciating the efforts of Sangham women who made it possible for the millets to enter PDS through Food Security Act, he said that the policy change to retain the idea of millets can happen only when there is large ground spell public pressure on the government and thousands of such villages evolve.

Ms Seno Tsuhah, Coordinator, North East Network, Nagaland
Ecological farmers across the country should come together to strengthen solidarity and move towards conserving biodiversity” urged Seno. Such festivals empower women who celebrate what they are contributing to their families, their own soil and their own social cohesion” she added.




Pesticides do not decipher caste, gender or nationality. They will kill anybody irrespective of his or her origins.



Is it possible for community video and radio to play this role?