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It is a cooperative venture started by the Women Sangam members living in 70 villages around Zaheerabad, with lofty ideals. This was started on 7th November an auspicious Diwali day in the year 1999. It is registered in the name of Deccan Development Society Mutually Aided Credit Cooperative Society Ltd (DDS MACCS) under MACCS Act

The ideals set out for themselves are as follows:

  • To provide a safe and stable marketing avenue for the small and marginal farmers in the villages to sell their surplus produce.
  • To release those farmers from the clutches of Dalaries (i.e) middlemen who are robbing the producers as well as consumers.
  • To bring into focus the traditional food grains like korra, sama, sajja, jowar etc whose consumption is dying down.
  • To encourage traditional crop cultivation using organic methods by providing marketing facility for the farmers.
  • To dissuade the rural population from using the subsidised rice and wheat instead of their traditional nutritious food grains like korra, jowar etc.
  • To bring into focus the nutritional value of the traditional organic food grains in the villages as well as in urban areas.
  • And ultimately to make available the food grains and other essential items at their door steps for those rural poor who cannot afford to make bulk purchases from the urban markets.

The increase in turn over from year to year is making us to believe that the set goals are being reached.

During the year 2003 the turnover is as shown below:

  • Value of purchases Rs.11,53,826/-
  • Value of sales Rs.12,99,334/-
  • Net Profit Rs. 32,231/-

The items are supplied at the door step of the villagers at very reasonable prices (comparatively lower than the retail prices adopted by the local merchants).

A mobile van was acquired by the sangam during the year October 2001. The commodities are now supplied in easily purchasable quantities (properly packed) through this mobile van to all the villages. About six villages are covered everyday. This is proving to be a boon for the poor members of sangams and farm labourers in all these villages.

As is the case in respect of any ideal program that may have been started by any genuine organisation, we too have faced certain initial set backs in the shape of insincere workforce, and unethical sale of improper produce by some farmers etc. However we have corrected such loopholes and are forging ahead with the confidence that it will become a venture of sorts in the near future.

To our surprise we find now that a large number of urban consumers are making enquiries about the organic food stuffs available at our end and are coming forward to provide mobile outlets in their respective areas. We hope to double our turnover in the year 2004.