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Workshop on Neem uses in Agriculture

Main objective behind conducting this workshop is to create awareness of neem uses in agriculture. Since neem seed is available abundantly in this region where if the farmers utilize the available resources in their fields they can maximize their yields by using neem products.

In this workshop, prominent scientists from CRIDA with vast experience on neem Dr.B.Venkateshwarulu and Dr.Y.G Prasad were attended to provide more technical information to the farmers. Even agricultural officers’, bank managers are also invited because these people can influence farmers in maximising the usage of neem in their fields. By using neem in the fields one can minimize the usage of chemical fertilizers.

We came to know that many farmers are interested in using the available resources in maximizing the yield, they were also thankful to DDS, KVK, CRIDA Scientists with whom they got valuable information and confidence which will help them in maximizing the usage of neem in their fields.

Dr Venkateshwarulu also satisfied with the workshop because they have seen the turnout from the farmer which was more than everyone’s expectations and he concluded the workshop the successful one and also promised to attend any of the meetings which will be conducted on neem in future.

Neem expelling units running successfully by self help groups who are also sangam members of Deccan Development Society of Algol and Hoti (B) villages were also expressed their views saying that they are providing work for the people in the region especially for rural poor women in collecting the neem seeds for their expelling units. With this type of workshops in this region will boost their sales and inturn can increase the employment for the poor. Since, they were not aware and insufficient information of the uses of neem oil and powder, they were facing problems in selling their produce. They were very happy by this workshop because they got sufficient information on neem uses which they can explain to their farmers in surrounding villages like, on which all the pest’s neem oil can be used in what quantities and vice versa. Even in which all the field’s neem powder can be used in different quantities and intervals.

Around 12 NGO’s from eight districts attended the workshop with their farmers and they are also willing to conduct these type of workshops in their respective districts which will help their farmers especially poor ones because they themselves can prepare the neem powder and neem kashayam which is used in agriculture and can minimize the usage of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Bank managers, agricultural officers also extended their support in any form in the future on maximizing the usage of available resources like neem and developing the poor community by providing the employment in the region.