Pesticides do not decipher caste, gender or nationality. They will kill anybody irrespective of his or her origins.



Is it possible for community video and radio to play this role?



World Food Day Celebrations

October 16, 2007

World Food Day is the annual celebratory activity of DDS, Pastapur in which the women of DDS sanghams who have been pursuing ecological agriculture, food and seed sovereignty and rich biodiversity in their food and farming systems.

The two main programmes on this day

  • Honouring the DDS sangham women who have contributed to community food sovereignty, seed sovereignty, enhancement of soil fertility through various measures such as tank silt addition, pit composting and vermicomposting etc.

  • Announcement of the new initiative called All India Millet Network: In this land of millets, which are cultivated across the length and breadth of the country supporting not just the food security of the poor but also their multiple securities, creating millions of livelihoods and keeping the health and nutrition, have been so badly neglected through a systematic policy neglect. Therefore we thought we should build a network of people who are heroically working with millets undeterred by their historical neglect. We believe that if we can put our act together sit down and set an agenda for ourselves, look at the culture, cultivation and cuisine of millets and find out how their profile can be built, we can advance the policy framework around millets.