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Rights-based versus market-based Development A false dichotomy for small-scale farmers?


SAGE & DDS's objection for
IIMR Research on GM Sorghum
May 26, 2017
Press Club, Somajiguda

Expressing its 'shock' at the development of transgenic sorghum [jowar] by the Indian Institute of Millet Research of Hyderabad, the Southern Action on Genetic Engineering has demanded a firm and unequivalent stand against GM sorghum by the Government of India and asked the government to clearly say that it will not approve GM sorghum.".....

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DDS Response to Chief Minister
on "Free Fertilizer Scheme"
April 25, 2017
Press Club, Somajiguda

"We urge the Chief Minister to kindly move forward from this position and declare an enhanced support for those farmers who tend to their soils organically. Because they are truly realizing the concept of Golden Telangana by keeping the soil of this land fertile for future generation. Therefore we request that atleast 25% of the support declared should reach non chemical farmers.".....

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Be Bold for Change
International Women's Day
March 8, 2017

The women of the Deccan Development Society celebrated the International Women's Day by remembering some of the pioneering women from the Deccan who by being bold brought changeto their lives and to their communities while it also resonated with this year's theme - Being Bold for Change. More than 200 women from the local communities took a long rally from Zaheerabad town to the Pastapur village where a meeting was organised to discuss the essence of the day and the role of the women. ......

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Farm to Kitchen
Organic Lovers in Hyderabad and Zaheerabad, this is for you!

Sangham Organics is bringing to your homes the organic, traditional, seasonal and nutritional vegetables and greens fresh from farms and directly from farmers at very reasonable prices. Zaheerabad consumers can register by calling us at 9959294409 and avail the home delivery on every Tuesday and Friday. Hyderabad Consumers can register at Disha Science Centre, Hyderabad, Tellapur or by calling on 9703169553
Note: Home delivery services available only in and around Tellapur, BHEL, Chandanagar, HCU,L&T areasf........

Mobile Biodiversity Festival-2017
January 14 - February 13, 2017
Sangareddy District, Telangana

DDS celebrated the 18th Mobile Biodiversity Festival which was inaugurated at Lachunaik Tanda in Zaheerabad mandal on January 14, 2017. While this world famous festival flagged off witnessing participation of more than 300 women farmers during the inaugural ceremony, more than 15 thousand farmers participated in the month long festival which concluded with full vibrancy on February 13 2017......

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Delhi Declaration on MILLETS
November 29 - 30, 2016
Teen Murthi Bhavan, New Delhi

The 5th National Convention on Millets was held on November 29-30, 2016 at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library(NMML) at Teen Murthi Bhavan, New Delhi. The two day National Convention also becomes an occasion for the launch of the National Network of Millet Sisters with about 5000 women farmers membership. The convention mainly focused on the promises made in the National Food security Act that promises the supply of 7kgs of millets along with wheat and rice to all the PDS card holders. While this is a laudable step by the government of India the responsibility of implementation of this clause is the complete responsibility of state governments, thereby lies the crux of the current problem even after 3 years of the National Food Security Act. Except for Karnataka no other state government has implemented this provision.

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DDS Women at Food Secure Canada
October 14 - 19, 2016
Toronto & Ottawa, Canada

Food Secure Canada, a pan-Canadian alliance of organizations and individuals working together to advance food security and food sovereignty had invited a delegation of farmers and food activists from Deccan Development Society. The delegation consisting of Sammamma, Lakshmamma , Mayuri and Tejaswi which has returned yesterday has done extensive work in reporting food security issues in India. They have particularly focused on trying to locate their work as a futuristic model for Global Food Security......

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DDS - Disha Sangham Organics
Near Tellpur, Hyderabad
October 2, 2016

DDS - Disha Organic Alliance was inaugurated on October 2 2016 as an attempt to bring together the women of DDS (who have been cultivating the nutritious grains such as millets and supplying them to the urban consumers) and the women of Disha (who have been practicing and promoting healthy lifestyle in the cities. The women together will start to run the Sangham Organics outlet near Tellpur -Bhel area in the city from October 2016......

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Collective Campaign to
Implement NFS Act 2013

September 13 - October 15, 2016

Millet Network of India thanks the August Parliament of India for having passed the National Food Security Act, on this same day three years ago. MINI partners through their collective campaign and through their continuous dialogues with central government made it possible for millets; the coarse cereals of the dry land population of India to enter Public Distribution System(PDS) through a provision made for them in the Act.

The National campaign will be conducted at village, block, state and national level to create a mass awareness and momentum from the communities in fighting for the cause of millets and welfare of the poor communities and with a motto to pressurize the state governments across the countries in realizing their failure in implementing the clause concerning to millets made in the NFS Act........

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June, 2016

With a full throated pledge that they will be faithful to millets, a group of over 100 people committed themselves to the cause of millets as they inaugurated the first ever Millet Nutrition Counseling Center in India at Zaheerabad in Medak district of Telangana. This event was a climax of a weeklong celebration of World Environment Day by Deccan Development Society, an organisation which has been working with small and marginal women farmers, primarily Dalits in the semi arid region of Medak district. While the inauguration of the Millet Nutrition Counseling Center was a brand new initiative by the Deccan Development Society, the launch of a series of organic manure centers heralded the beginning of the environmental week........

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June, 2016

The DDS Organic Manure Centers are an effort of nearly 500 women farmers spread over 30 plus villages in the four mandals of Zaheerabad region of the Medak district. None of these farmers as described above has a holding of more than two acres. 95% of their farms are unirrigated and do not have any kind of water source. Their soils are red, gravelly and shallow representing the 'poorest' soils in the semi arid region of the Medak district. In spite of these ecological handicaps the women, over the decades, have shown great strength and resilience in designing and defending a fascinating knowledge based agriculture that symbolises biodiversity, ecological richness and power of the small. A combination of all these factors has made their agriculture the most climate smart 'sovereign' agriculture of the poor.........

Maa Telangana - Maa Vyavasayam

Alternative to the Alternatives
Press Release on May 2, 2016

We the citizens of Telangana were overwhelmed at the thought of Mana Telangana Mana Vyavasayam which the State government pondered as its step towards Bangaru Telangana. We fondly hoped that this would bring back to us our lost heritage of autonomous agriculture and prosperity which the Telangana people enjoyed for centuries. But the hopes lasted only untill we realized that Mana Telangana Mana Vyavasayam was a false slogan in the sense that it was neither representatie of Telangana nor was it is a people's agriculture.......

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Celebrating Organic Vegetables
The Launch of Organic Zaheerabad
April 7, 2016

In the light of increasing dangers of chemically grown vegetables and fruits that cause severe damage to health of people and environment, the exploitation of consumers by commercial market forces and the age old exploitation of farmers through middle men mechanism, DDS Sangham Organics, farmers led market launched Organic Zaheerabad with a vision to protect our health and envirionment and to support organic traditional farmers in Zaheerabad region. This initiative is believed to promote the nutritional diversity and a fair market price that the consumers have been deprived of........

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Closing Ceremony of 17th Biodiversity Festival

February 13, 2016
Where people reassert faith in their biodiversity

The 17th Mobile Biodiversity Festival closed on 13 February 2016 with an overwhelming participation by hundreds of women farmers, civil society members, policy makers and filmmakers and agro ecology experts from India and abroad. The 16 specially decorated bullock carts after their month long journey across the 35 villages reached Pacha Saale- the Green School near Machnoor village where the closing ceremony took place. ........

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Memorandum to the Collector

Millets or Quinoa!

DDS was the first to kickstart the debate on Quinoa Vs Millets. [Pl see out press note dated August 4, 2015] This was in response to the bankruptcy of middle class minds who were routing for Quinoa, a South American grain knowing nothing about millets the home grown grains that are as nutritious as Quinoa and more than 15 times [yes, 15 times] less expensive than Quinoa. As the Telugu channels ever looking for fancy ideas in preference to valuable ones started airing recipes in favour of Quinoa, anchored by tall, elegantly draped upper class women with their clipped NRI telugu accents, if was clearly visible for us that a new round of war had been waged against the miracle grains called MILLETS. Therefore it is our endeavour to bring a series of truths comparing Quihoa to Millets with reference to their nutrition, taste, ease of processing and cooking.

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No quinoa for me, thanks!

Magic of Millets

The Seeds of Revolution
October, 2015
India Together

She does not shout slogans and sit on dharnas, she is unlikely to have heard of Marx, and armed rebellion is nowhere on her horizon. Her revolution is embedded in the basics of life: soil, seeds, water, sun, and knowledge born of generations of living with these natural elements......

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Millets Commune Shows the way for rain-fed farming

July 15, 2015
By Kurmanath, Bussiness Line

Women farmers preserve seed, give it on barter to fellow farmers.

Paramma, 50 holds the mud-topped bamboo box as she takes it down from the attic, as if she is holding an infant, with a lot of care. For, that 1.5 ft diameter box contains the sorghum seed for the season..........

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Hyderabad Declaration

May 6, 2015
Sundaraiah Vigyana Kendra, Hyderabad

We, the members of Telangana State Millets Coalition, having met and discussed today about the critical need for regeneration of millets, have come to the following conclusions after a daylong consultation at Hyderabad. When Telangana is grapping with the opportunity and challenges of building a Bangaru Telangana (Golden Telangana) its path must be made of Millets..........

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Establish a Committee of Traditional Agriculture Experts for Telangana

A memorandum to Chief Minister
February 13, 2015

Establish a Committee of Traditional Agriculture Experts for Telangana and mandate them to find out the principles followed by the traditional Telangana farmers and discover how they have built a brilliant agriculture that produces Biodiversity, increased grains and fodder output from their dryland farms and produces a concept of uncultivated food for more food output for their people...........

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Declare Telangana as Millet State and Millets as Telangana State Crop - DDS & MINI Demands Chief Minister of Telangana

A Press Release
December 23, 2014

Telangana should cultivate millet crop without irrigation emphasises the need to rethink the State's agricultureal policies becomes very urgent. Telangana is starved of water as well as funds to construct new irrigation projects. The answer to both of these problems lie in concentrating on millet crops which can grow very well without irrigation even on poor soils. Raising a hectare of rice is tantamount to spending all the water needed by a village for drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning etc these amount to a criminal waste of water. Millets, on the other hand, grow without irrigation and are store houses of nutrition..........

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Organic Products for Sale

The following organic products are available for sale at DDS Sangam Shop at Zaheerabad. The produce is from the fields and farms of the members of the DDS women sanghams all of who are invariably ecological farmers.

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