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Sangham Radio

Every member of the community to participate in the programme at least twice a year - this is the prominent wish of Sangham Radio in Andhra Pradesh. Sangham - the first women's radio station in India - has been highlighting women's perspectives and voices for over a decade.

Location: Village Machnoor, Jharasangam Mandal, Medak District, AP
On-Air since: October 15, 2008, but narrowcasting since 1998.

Why “Sangham Radio”

Sangham, referring to village level women’s collectives, is the cornerstone of Deccan Developmental Society work. Every activity is designed, planned and implemented by these collectives. Therefore it is most appropriate that the radio which was planned, owned and controlled by them should bear their name.

The word Sangham not only means 'collective' but also carries a spiritual connotation. The word Sangham is an integral part of Buddhist tenet. Hinduism says Sangham Shakti Kalau Yuge. So does Christianity: Where the ten of you are, there I am. Islam recognizes the centrality of Jamaat. Therefore the word Sangham has both temporal and spiritual connotations. The signature tune of Sangham Radio says: Akka Chellenlu Koodi Podaame, Mana Sanghamla Maatalaada Podaame [Let us go together sisters, let us go to the sangham to talk]. This encapsulates the significance of the word Sangham.

Objective of Sangham Radio

All work of DDS is focused on ensuring women's control over their own lives and issues. We call it a cycle of autonomies. Sangham Radio is a valuable addition to this cycle. It is a radio that is intended to give a voice to the excluded in general and to women in particular. It is a radio that would help marginalized women to articulate their issues and create a horizontal communication among their own communities as well as take these issues to the outside world.

Sangham Radio focuses on issues such as Food Sovereignty, Seed Sovereignty, Autonomous Health, Autonomous Market, and Autonomous Media. It will also focus on retrieving the culture, language and local traditions in food and farming, health and ecology.

Main Target Audience
Primary audience is rural women from the marginalized groups, also targets rural people in general.

Prime Themes
Seed sovereignty and women; Food sovereignty and women; Women and biodiversity; Women and land; Ownership; Women and ecological agriculture; Ecological enterprises for rural women;  Healthcare and plant medicines; Herbal care for animal diseases; Making children’s education relevant to rural milieu; violence against women; legal education for women.

Broadcast Timing

Daily between 8 pm to 9.30 pm (total 90 minutes)

There is a plan to increase broadcast upto four hours daily in the next six months.

New Idea

Local issues, global vision - programme designing to be done at the community level; Women Speak to Women: Completely focused on women’s issues.

Wish List
To make every member of the community to participate in the programme at least twice a year.

Lessons Learnt
Too early to list.

Contact Details
General Narsamma & Algole Narsamma; PV Satheesh,

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