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International GM Opposition Day observed across Andhra Pradesh

PRESS RELEASE                                              April 8, 2006


International GM opposition Day was observed on April 8th all over the Southern State of Andhra Pradesh by AP Coalition in Defence of Diversity (APCIDD) of which DDS is the Convener. The day was marked with rallies and public meetings denouncing GM and all its nefarious manifestations. On this day, about 25,000 rallyists primarily farmers participated and vented their ire against GE forces and resolved to fight and resist it. The day ended with a media meet.

On the same day in Sangareddy, the headquarters of Medak District, where the DDS is located, about 1000 peasant women marched across the streets of the city, raised slogans against GE, held banners and placards condemning the sinister forces. At the end of the protest march, they held a public meeting where they took an oath never to allow Genetically Engineered crops into their farms nor GM foods into their homes. They also took an oath to protect their farming systems and preserve their seed wealth.

In Hyderabad, Mr.  P.V Sateesh addressed the media meet at Press Club, Somajiguda. Making his presentation, he brought to focus how GE is proving to be a sham worldwide and stated that the claims made by the GE industry is mere hype and  hyperbole and  thoroughly exposed the shallowness and deceit of the industry.