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Eighth Annual Biodiversity Festival Culminates

The rich ecological diversity and cultural vivacity of the Deccan region was eloquently displayed at the conclusion ceremony of the Eighth annual biodiversity festival that came to an impressive end on 13th February at Machnoor Village, Jarasangam Mandal. It’s on this day the caravan, after month-long traverse culminates amidst traditional fan fare, pomp and gaiety.

The venue of the closing ceremony, The Green School was abuzz with activities all around. The beautifully decorated Ampi- Theater was packed to capacity, while others jostled for space. Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest, Mr. Puroshotham Rao, Chairman, Rural Interior Area Development, Government of Andhra Pradesh appreciated the efforts of women members for passionately growing an array of food crops in the Deccan dryland region. He suggested that senior officials in the government should visit these areas, appreciate the merits in the programme and replicate the programmes to other parts of the State. Mr Srinivas Babu, Project Director, DRDA, R.D.O was also present on the occasion. It was heartening to have friends of BASA-ASIA network, representing countries of Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia and China. Ms Shalini Bhutani, GRAIN, India also participated in the function.

On this occasion, DDS gratefully honored the women members for preserving and conserving the biodiversity on their fields. It was also an occasion to appreciate the efforts of Sangham women of two villages for efficiently conducting the festival, despite the boycott from the elected representative of the villages.

The festival concluded with a feast of ethnic cuisine and hospitality.